car wireless charger stand ut-28

Product Name: Car wireless charging bracket
Product parameters
Color: space silver, rose gold, mysterious black (customizable color)
Specifications: (length * width * thick): 6.2cm * 6.2cm * 10cm
Interface: micro 5P
Indicator function: LED light (red power, blue charge)
Input voltage: DC5V-9V
Input current: DC1.5A-2A
Output voltage: 4.8V-5.0V
Output current: 600-1000mAh, up to 1200mAh (depending on the receiver chip)
Working frequency: 100-200khz
Charging distance: 3-6mm (the best sensing distance)
Charging efficiency: ≥ 70%
Implementation of the standard: QI 1.1
Working environment: -10 ℃ -40 ℃
Charging method: one to one charge
Shell material: anodized aviation aluminum material
Whether the built-in battery: no
Packing accessories: packing box * 1, wireless charging bracket * 1, connecting line * 1, dry and wet alcohol package * 1, non-woven * 1

support phone:
X8, S8 / S8 PLUSNOTE5, 2016, etc., NOK series 820,920,930 and other support for wireless charging mobile phone, no need to add additional receiver (IP), IPHONE 8 IPRONE, IPHONE X, Samsung S6 / S6 Edge, S7 / S7Edge, S8 / S8 PLUSNOTE5, , Other wireless charging function models do not need to increase the receiver or wireless charging leather can be used, the wireless charger for general-purpose products, the other does not support the wireless charging feature as long as equipped with a wireless charging receiver can be used.

Steps to use:
1. Wipe the surface with a wet tissue at the center console desk / home desk or bedside table / office desk, wipe dry with a wet tissue, dry the surface with a dry tissue;
2. Tear off the wireless base on the 3M glue red protective film, paste to the location has been found, forced to press 10 - 20 seconds (recommended paste for 2 hours and then use, the effect is better);
3. Plug the cable into the micro port of the wireless charging bracket and the other end into the car charger USB port. At this time, the bracket power indicator is on and the blue indicator flashes for about 3, indicating that the installation is complete.
4. The excess line finishing, tear off the wireless charging bracket panel protective film, put the phone will be able to charge;
5. Use for a period of time, the phone put up to not suck, is the surface of the panel dust, just find the non-woven water will wipe the dust on the panel, until the water can be used and can be used an unlimited number of times.
This car wireless charging bracket with the following three characteristics:
1. Mobile phone stand, easy to pick up;
2. Wireless charger, mobile phone does not need data winding, so as not to affect driving safety;
3. With fragrance function, purify the car smell;
Put the charge, pick up the use, both mobile phone bracket, but also a wireless charger, but also with fragrance function, this section of the wireless charging bracket for the world's first use of anodized aviation aluminum appearance and fragrance function of the car wireless charging bracket The
Wireless charging advantages:
1 Safety: no power contact design, you can avoid the risk of electric shock.
2 durable: power transmission components are not exposed, it will not be the air in the water, oxygen and other erosion; no contact exists, and therefore there will be no connection and separation of mechanical wear and flashing made the loss.
3 to make the medical implant device safer: in the implantation of embedded medical devices, can not damage the body tissue in the case of implanted in the human body to charge the medical device without the need for wires through the skin and other autologous Organization, eliminating the risk of infection.
4 convenient: no need to connect when the wire, as long as the charger can be placed near. Technically, a charger can be a number of electrical devices for electricity, in the case of multiple electrical devices can save a number of chargers, do not take up multiple power outlets, no more than one wire intertwined trouble The
5 casually charging has become a fashion, in the cloud era, make full use of fragmented time charging in line with modern mobile phone battery maintenance requirements.