We like the iphone 3 device wireless charger, any home are not only 1 electronic device, so you need more, make what are you want, we have to do!

Thanks for our team are work with 16 hours in a day, so very soon you can see je ut-16 3 device wireless charger station , so you can use it for 3 diffrence device which with qi standard , you can on this pay charger your samsung phone, your iphone 8 ,and your nexus phone. so easy and simple , wish this products you will interesting , will start product at 8th OCT. 

Any one want price or details please contact our sales, accept order from today. 


According to Apple's introduction at the conference, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus to adapt to all kinds of Qi standard wireless charger, JE are manufacturers iPhone 8 and iphone X accessories  for the new development of a variety of wireless charger!!!

Wireless charging function is also very simple to use, just need your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus on the wireless charger can be work as well.

so who are use je urba series products are easy to charge your new iphone 8 now, thank you for your support.